Special restoration of mirror finish in stainless steel building materials.



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The innovative technology has attained a patent for a practical utility model certified by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the certificate of invention patent from United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

This restoration technology not only break through the bottleneck in the traditional polishing method in the large area scratches on the appearance of stainless steel equipment but also act as the solution to the maintenance in the stainless steel industry. Our technology can be used in restoring the defects on the appearance of stainless steel of on-site facility like the door the building, the exterior wall of the building, the cabinet of the elevator, company signboard, mail box and display case.  

Applicable field: stainless steel facility industry, elevator and escalator industry, building property management industry, cleaning industry, kitchenware industry, and mounting industry.  

Merits of refurbishment:
1. Provides whole package of on-site facilities for restoration of scratched stainless steel materials including subsequent maintenance solutions.
2. No need to remove or detach stainless steel members for restoring scratched surfaces.
3. Applicable to effective restoration of scratched stainless steel plates or elevator door panels having a thickness less than 1.2mm.
4. Effective restoration of original quality of the unique chrome brightness of mirror finish in stainless steel materials.
5. Severely scratched parts can be used and further restored  sustainably after restoration instead of replacement, economically and efficiently.
6. Treats mirror finish defects partially; no color difference after restoration, saving the trouble of overall refurbishment of stainless steel objects.

Features of refurbishment:
1. Innovative refurbishing method: effective elimination of high temperature and dust problems normally seen in traditional mechanical polishing.
2. Innovative refurbishing process: no excessive heat or grinding will occur to workpiece, significantly lowering dent or deformation on stainless steel surface.
3. Provides mirror finish treatment package for restoring large area mirror scratches to the proximity of original ex-plant quality.
4. No color difference after scratch removal on a mirror finish: effective remedy for the removal of difficulties of traditional mechanical polishing methods.
5. Genuine mirror polishing: complies with customer requirements for light projection and reflection in various surroundings to achieve a true mirror finish.
6.Comprehensive refurbishing process for easy learning: no professional background is required; easy to learn and operate. 

Experts in on-site treatment of stainless steel building materials; guardian of building lobbies. No more costly replacements; all you need is an on-site refurbishment of scratched stainless steel building materials. Innovative servicing technology. Complies with the current trend of energy saving and carbon reduction as well as the sustainable resources principle that release the burden of our Earth.