Company Profile

Established in 2009, Ting-Yah Stainless Steel Technical Restoration Co., Ltd., is dedicated in refurbishing scratched stainless steel surfaces of buildings by on-site treatment. Our business philosophy is based on operation targets for Innovative Services, Professional Expertise, Utmost Efforts, and Sustainable Resources.

Through years of experience in the relevant field, we realized that stainless steel surfaces of buildings suffer from various problems such as tool marks, cleaning scratches, tape residue, acidic etching, stain clinging, yellow dusting, etc., which, if lacking of an intrinsic maintenance technology, will not only cause the stainless steel surface to lose its rust-resisting property but also diminish the visual glamour of appearance to a certain extent.

The innovative refurbishing technology provides customers with scratch repair and pollution resistant solutions for tackling with large area stainless steel surfaces in buildings. Extremely economic and effective application for restoration of stainless steel building materials, whether of on-site installations or elevator door panels, having a thickness less than 1.2mm. World leading mirror finish refurbishing method enables sustainable recycling of stainless steel building materials.

Experts in on-site treatment of stainless steel building materials; guardian of building lobbies. No more costly replacements; all you need is an on-site refurbishment of scratched stainless steel building materials; complies with the current trend of environment protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, accomplishing sustainable utilization of resources.