The Technology

Ting-Yah Stainless Steel Technical Restoration Co., Ltd., provides an economical and effective technology for on-site restoration of scratched stainless steel, which helps to tackle with all kinds of problems arising from using stainless steel products in different surroundings. By utilization of this refurbishing technology, sustainable resources can be achieved instead of being wasted, effective energy saving and carbon reduction can be accomplished as we continue to strive for doing our best to release the burden of our earth. Don’t Replace It…RESTORE It.

Innovative technology, innovative service; exclusive technique that leads the world.
Innovative technology, innovative service; on-site operation that is economic and effective.
Innovative restoration technology for treating stainless steel scratches, the guardian of stainless steel building materials.
Scratch restoration of mirror finish surfaces: designed solely for restoring large-area mirror finish scratches.
Improvements against shortcomings of traditional polishing:
On-site treatment: no need to remove stainless steel materials, no location restrictions.
Partial treatment: address defective parts without local color distinctions.
Rust-resistance: no clinging pollutant on the surface, no electro-chemical reaction to occur.
Heat resulting from excessive polishing: low workface temperature due to the use of a proprietary polishing paste.
Tool mark: Perfected restoration without tool mark, qualified for light source inspection.

The stainless steel mirror finish scratch restoration technology is designed for on-site restoration of large-area scratches in stainless steel material. The on-site restoration package is applicable to stainless steel plates of a thickness less than 1.2mm. The restoration process produces no denting or deformation due to excessive heat resulting from excessive polishing; the process can be carried out partially for mirror finish restoration without distinctive color difference. Also applicable to polishing all kinds of stainless steel sculpture and apparatus.