Pollution Resistant and Self-cleaning Product

Self-cleaning product for stainless steel protection with state-of-the-art nanometer technology.
Stainless steel materials are classified into versatile grades; inferior stainless steel is prone to develop rust, corrosion and oxidization on the surface. The self-cleaning agent for stainless steel contains nanometer particles providing state-of-the-art protection for pollution prevention. After treatment, it is not greasy when dry. The coating bonds with the surface closely and forms a water repellant sub-particle structure by itself, preventing pollutants from clinging onto the substrate, achieving smudge resisting, easy cleaning and water-repelling effects as well as highly scour resisting and weather resisting properties.

Features of Pollution Resistant and Self-cleaning Agent:
1. Repetitive overlapping: Repetitive application of the Pollution Resistant and Self-cleaning Agent on stainless steel is perfectly allowed, no worries about application marks.
2. Invisible protection: High transparency gives no alteration to the original color of the substrate, retaining the unique glossy pureness of the original stainless steel.
3. Self-cleaning protection: Allows direct touch of fingers without affecting the original gloss. Substitutes market available products for stainless steel maintenance.
4. Water and smudge repelling: Excellent water repellence (water contact angle > 100deg.). Cling-prevention against oily smudge. Easy cleaning.
5. Weathering Resistant: High resistance against weathering, solution, acids, alkalis, etc., especially against washing and scouring.
6. Engineering Method: Applicable methods include spray, brush, roller application, etc.

Still wondering about how to clean stainless steel in elevators?
Still worrying about yellow stains on stainless steel surfaces?
Still troubled of leaving new scouring marks on stainless steel surfaces when maintaining the elevator?
Do you worry about new scratches on stainless steel devices due to improper scouring?
Are you also troubled by yellow staining resulting from dust accumulation caused by stainless steel protection oil purchased from the market?

Incorrect selection of stainless steel cleaning agent significantly results in difficulties for the future maintenance. Improper surface cleaning process even causes scratches that result in secondary damage to the surface. Pollution Resistant and Self-cleaning Agent is a newly developed alternative for maintaining stainless steel building materials.